​Ten years ago, I decided to finally take all that experience and go freelance. Within a few months, I was contracted as a content and developmental editor at one of the top romance epublishers. While there, I copy edited dozens of romance novels across all subgenres as well as acquiring and editing over fifteen novels. 

My strongest skills are in copy editing and proofreading. Combined with my independent, DIY philosophy on work and life, working with indie authors and self-publishers is a perfect fit.

I read all subgenres of romance, although contemporary and paranormal are my favorites. Other fiction favorites are action-adventure, thrillers, sci-fi and fantasy. I also edit and read creative non-fiction, including memoir/biography, humor, travel, and personal essay.

Favorite things: the color green, tacos, flip-flops, well-done sentence fragments.

Least favorite things: cold weather, mean people, semicolons.

Meet the Staff

Don't let the cute fool you. Motli is the evil little taskmaster that keeps things running around here. She relocates pens, files papers off the desk, and refuses to be distracted by the red dot. When she's not pruning the plants, she's holding the to-do list hostage on her sunny windowsill.

Mayhem was an unexpected arrival in the summer of 2014. Tiny, wet, and scared, she wormed her way right into my heart. Motli's heart, not so much. Now, she's healthy, rarely still (unless she's sleeping), and taking on Motli for the tile of Best Pen Relocator. We're not exactly sure what she brings to the team yet, other than constantly walking across the keyboard, but she sure is cute.

My staff is made up of two furry little mischief makers: Motli and Mayhem,

also known as MnM. Please don't tell the candy company.

Dj Hendrickson Editing

An avid reader from an early age, I corrected my first error at age six - using a purple crayon on the Sunday comics. I never stopped.

As an adult, I've spent the last eighteen years editing everything from drink special menus to corporate training manuals for various employers. During graduate school for my MA in English, I was the go-to girl for last minute proofreading. All those semicolons and dry, dense writing wore thin, however, and I decided to focus on genre fiction.