Dj has been editing my novels for years and I hope for years to come. She’s communicative, consistent, timely, and insightful, which is everything a writer can want in an editor.

Let’s put it this way: I write for a living, and I need to know when I send my manuscript off for editing that it’s coming back in great shape. Dj achieves that every single time, which makes my life as an author far easier and less stressful.

Justin DePaoli​ ​

Author of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, including the Dragonblood Saga 


​Happy Writing!

Haven't hired an editor before? Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, anxieties you have. I'll be happy to talk you through it, even if you decide another editor is a better fit.

Finding the right people for your publishing team can be a challenge. When it comes time for copy editing and proofreading, you need someone who can catch the mistakes without compromising your voice. I believe in building solid, supportive working relationships with every author and understanding what they're looking for in each project.

You did the hard work of writing it, let me help you polish it for publication.

Openings are available for copy editing and proofreading. All genres, all heat levels, all lengths. Email for scheduling.

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Spring & Summer 2024

I found Dj  when I was looking for an editor for my second novel, and she is so good, I had her edit my first novel that had already been published. I’ve been working with Dj now for more than three years, and to date, 18 mystery/ thriller novels and 3 novellas.

Not only is Dj an expert in her editing craft, she has an ability to keep timelines straight and identify continuity errors that could wreck a story. Dj can take the tone of my writing and make it even punchier, removing the fluff in some of my sentences to make the story even better. Her suggestions come without judgement and her editing style is direct and clear.

It’s a seamless process in what otherwise could be cumbersome. I’ve never disagreed with the changes she has suggested because Dj is in tune to my characters and writing style. I even asked her advice on a potential change to a series and she gave me solid advice that helped tremendously.

There’s no one else I’d trust. When you factor in her timeliness and cost, there’s no one else I’d ever recommend. I can’t thank her enough for what she does to help improve my writing and stories. 

Stacy M. Jones

FBI Agent Kate Walsh Thriller series, the hard-boiled PI Riley Sullivan Mystery series, and the paranormal mystery Harper & Hattie Magical Mystery series.