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Dj Hendrickson Editing


The Process

An author's life is hectic enough. I like to keep the process as easy and streamlined as possible. Open communication is one of the keys to that, so please feel free to contact me at any point during the process. I will do my best to keep you updated on the status of your project, deadlines, and any issues that may arise.

Basically, it works like this:

1. Getting to Know You: Send me a quick note letting me know your info: who you are, what you need done, genre, length, and timeframe. Also, ask me any questions you may have at this point. I'll get back to you, usually within 24 hours. If we seem to be a good fit, we move to step two.

2. Sample Edit: Email me about 1500 words of your manuscript. Choose something from the middle. In my experience, the first part of your project has received the most attention and is in the best shape. Doing a sample from the middle gives me a more accurate idea of the work your project needs. It also gives you a much better idea of what I can do for you. If you are pleased with the sample edit, we keep chugging along.

3. Details: This is usually just a few emails where we finalize the timeline and the price. I save and print these, on the off chance there may be an issue later on.

4. Begin Edits: Send me the full project and the $50.00 minimum fee. As soon as it clears, I start your edits. If you are scheduling in advance, you'll send the fee and I will hold space for you to send me the project on an agreed date. 
5. During Edits: I will keep you updated (if necessary) and let you know of any issues or problems that may arise. 

6. Finish Edits: When I finish, I will send the marked-up manuscript back to you along with an invoice for the remaining balance. Look over the edits, and if you're satisfied, pay the invoice. If you're not, please contact me and we will work it out.

For returning clients, we can start at Step 3.

Q: How long do edits take?

A: On average, it takes me about two weeks to do a copy edit, and one week to do a proofread. However, this varies depending on my workload at the time, what deadlines authors are working under, and other factors. Firm deadlines for getting me the project and me getting it back to you will be decided when you contact me.

Q: Do you edit UK English?

A: Yes. Expect edits to take a few more days though. I like to have a bit of extra time to double check myself on UK English grammar. I can also "Americanize" UK English. Please let me know exactly what you are looking for. Canadian, Australian, etc. is also no problem!

Q: My story is a fantasy. Some of the words I made up. Is this a problem?

A: No. When you send me the project for editing, please include a master list of all the names or words with the correct spelling, and if necessary, a definition. Make sure it's all spelled correctly! I'll use this to catch any mistakes in your manuscript.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: Yes. If you decide not to have your project completed, and I have not begun any work on it, I will refund half of the $50 minimum fee. After work has been started, you can stop edits, but the fee will not be returned. I give you the opportunity at the end of the process to look over the edits before paying the remaining balance. If you are unhappy, I will do my best to make you happy. I have yet to have anyone not pay an invoice. However, if I feel this policy is being abused, I will have to start requiring payment before the edits will be returned.

Q: Isn't your name, um...capitalized wrong?

A: Technically, yes. Chalk it up to author license. During undergrad, a group of us were playing around with our names for a graphic design project. I came up with a signature of just my initials, with the "j" lowercase. It stuck. It's even capitalized that way on my degrees! Needless to say, if you want to play around with spellings and capitalizations for your proper nouns, I'm a-okay with it!Type your paragraph here.

Editing is done primarily through the Track Changes feature in Word. This allows you to see all suggestions, accept or reject them, and keep track of who has done what. In certain instances, I may include an edit letter, but this is rare for copy editing and proofreading services. If you use another program, contact me and let's see what we can do.

If you would like a proofread for the print edition, I do proofread galleys, but you will be responsible for postage. I will also copy edit or proofread printed manuscripts, but the turnaround time will be longer.

There is a $50.00 minimum on all projects, due before edits begin. The balance is due on receipt. An invoice will be included with your returned edits. Paypal is the preferred method of payment, but I will accept check or money order if arrangements are made in advance.

Turnaround times are approximately two weeks for copy edits and one week for proofreading. Deadlines will be scheduled when we begin the process. Schedule and availability may change so if you are working on a tight deadline, please let me know so adjustments can be made.

Copy Editing

Copy editing comes after content/developmental edits are complete. You have the characters, plot, theme and structure, now it's time to get into the nitty-gritty of language. Copy editing often blurs into line editing, so rates are based on how much work the manuscript needs.

Copy editing service includes:

  • Active vs. passive voice
  • Clunky or awkward sentences
  • Stilted dialogue
  • Showing vs. telling
  • Word choice issues
  • Transitions
  • Timeline, characterization, and other possible inconsistencies
  • I will also look for everything I look for during proofreading. However, due to changes made during the copy editing process, it's possible errors will sneak in. Therefore, I still recommend proofreading before publication.

Rate:  $.0045 to $.008 per word ($4.50-$8.00 per 1000 words) Most fall between the $4.50-$6.00 per 1000 words range. 


Proofreading is the last step before formatting. However, it's often one of the first things readers will notice if it isn't done well. While no manuscript is ever 100% free of errors, mistakes on every page can impact sales and reviews. 

A fresh set of experienced eyes can catch all those typos and inconsistencies that you and your beta readers, critique partner, and other editors just don't see anymore. After all that hard work, you know what's supposed to be there, and can easily miss what is there. 

Proofreading service includes:

  •  Mechanical errors: punctuation, spelling, missing or repeated words, basic grammar such as noun-verb agreement, pronoun usage
  • Wrong word: from instead of form, too/two/to, peak instead of pique
  • Inconsistencies: main character's eyes suddenly change from brown to blue without explanation, it's snowing in July - in Florida, timeline issues
  • Huh? Fact checking: If something sticks out, I will check it. Usually, these are due to changes made during editing, not a research mistake. Example: It's October in Maine, and the heroine goes outside to pick lettuce. I will check the growing season.
  • I will comment if something seems out of place in terms of plot or characterization. Depending on how many of these there are, I will suggest considering copy editing services or even finding a developmental/content editor. If it comes to that, I will stop proofreading and contact you.
  • If you have it ready, feel free to include the front and back matter.

Rate:  $.0035 per word ($3.50 per 1000 words)

Other Services

Authors sometimes need help with more than just their manuscripts. Everything you show the public reflects on your brand, including your website, blurb, sales copy, and synopsis. I can do this as part of editing your manuscript or alone.
While my schedule doesn't allow for a lot of corporate clients these days, I am still available on a case by case basis to copy edit articles, blog posts, speeches, or fundraising letters.

Contact me for availability and rates.