​Dj Hendrickson Editing

I am incredibly fortunate to work with some amazing authors. Who also happen to be amazing people! Here's what some satisfied clients have to say.

Clients & Testimonials

Dj edited my scifi novels, skillfully navigating the alien terrain, removing all traces of “human error”. I’m not entirely convinced she isn’t a time-traveling Editbot from a future where linguistic errors have been declared illegal by a global grammar police.

   Also, she met the deadline in spite of having to undergo an unforeseen surgery, getting the manuscript back to me in excellent shape literally a half hour before going under the knife. Badass! Dj will be handling all my books going forward for as long as she is interested.  
 Andrei Cherascu, author of the science fiction series The Mind Malignancy


Dj stepped in right after I lost my long-time editor and needless to say, I was nervous about starting the process of building that ever-important relationship between writer and editor with someone new, but Dj made it so easy. She was professional, helpful, and patient. I plan to utilize her services for many more stories to come. 

Bethany Claire, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Morna's Legacy Series


Dj edited the first book of my fantasy series and I found her to be an eagle-eye proofreader! I thought my various beta readers had caught everything, but not so. She also has a knack for pacing, pointing out that deleting even a single sentence in a paragraph can make a big difference. I appreciated her up-beat attitude, her willingness to answer questions, and the respect she had for my author’s voice. And boy, did I learn a lot about hyphens!
 Veronica Dale, author of Night Cruiser and the upcoming Blood Seed

Dj copy-edited my first novel, cheerfully correcting mistakes and improving clunky wording, while preserving the author's voice and the feel of how different characters talk. She corrected not only grammar, but also pointed to POV head-hopping and suggested when it was better to tighten the wording and when extra information was needed. Moreover, Dj always responded to my questions, and explained why she suggested the changes. Her editing is much appreciated, and I'd be happy to work with her again.
T. K. Flor, author of Initial Conditions

I knew from the first email exchange with Dj that I found an editor who really understands authors, our joys (writing) and our pain (lack of communication, having our voices wrecked, brutal criticism). She is as exacting as I am with the written word, which made us soul mates from day one. But she knows more than I know about impact and deep point of view. She has a razor-sharp eye for a writer's weak spots and knows how to explain them in the nicest possible way. Sharp editing skills, excellent, genre-specific judgement, communication, excellent organization skills, fast turn-around, professionalism, and understanding of authors set Dj apart in the publishing world.
Nia Simone

Dj Hendrickson edited four of my published novels. She taught me how to spot areas of passive voice, how one well-placed verb makes a passage spring to life, and always, always kept the rhythm of my own voice on the page. I look forward to working with her again.
Robena Grant, Desert Heat series, and Gone Tropical

Dj Hendrickson is a rare find. As a writer of fiction and non-fiction, I have worked with dozens of editors through the years. Dj was editor on my third fiction project. She zeroed in on the major plotting problem right away and from there our partnership in making my book better took off. Dj is prompt and exacting, two qualities I value highly and rarely encounter. She took my baggy mess and gave it shape and polish. I just received my largest royalty check ever from the book Dj edited. It soared to #1 on several Amazon lists and garnered a significant number of positive reviews.
Cynthia Harrison, award-winning author

Dj was fantastic to work with, start to finish. She was meticulous, understanding, and really helped me polish my book. I am so glad she was my editor.
Melinda Di Lorenzo, Tattoos and Tangles

In my business there are a few things that are essential. Speed, flexibility and pristine copy. Dj excelled at all three. Whether it was covering a late night debate or speech where I needed an almost immediate turn-around, or an academic piece or just a book review, Dj's work was fast, amazingly clean, thoughtful and deadline oriented. I couldn't possibly recommend her services more highly, she is a life saver. 
J. Christian Watts
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